The Architecture of Music

Custom Scales

Custom scale can be ordered directly from the author for $20. Due to the amount of research, work, and amount of volumes it would take to document the 2,048 possible modes, the author is making available custom scales made to order. Simply select your scale from The Greater Organization of All Scales list and the author will make an eight page breakdown of the scale including historical mode names if they exist, complete chord lists for each mode including all 1st and 2nd chord inversions, and fretboard and piano diagrams of the scale in each key.

After a custom scale has been made, the author retains all copyrights to the work and will make the scale available for purchase to the general public for $1. An sample custom scale can be found below. This is an example of what the scales in the book look like. If a scale you are interested in does not have a name, describe the location of the scale in relation to a named scale and the author will contact you via e-mail to confirm the scale you would like to have transcribed.

Raga Kokil Pancham Scale 8.5"x11" Printable PDF

Raga Kokil Pancham Scale

Name of Custom Scale