The Architecture of Music


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The Architecture of Music Volume 1.0 Cover

An effort almost two decades in the making, The Architecture of Music Volume 1.0 is a 322 page combined guitar and piano chord, scale, and mode encyclopedia that introduces two new innovative diagrams to music that graphically depict the sound and architecture of chords, scales, and modes. It is a trove of useful reference information that can be turned to and explored for years. The book documents the 27 root position chords and inversions, all the possible 4th note add variations of them, and illustrates all the possible ways to play them on both instruments. In all, there are just over 300 unique chords to be explored.

It contains 5 scales (33 modes) in every key, and includes lists of all the chords included in the chord encyclopedia that you are able to play with every note, in every scale, in every key. There is no resource in the world that has organized and documented this many chords or designed such an efficient way for exploring chords and scales. The book is intended for people of all ages from beginner to advanced who want to expand their chord and scale vocabulary as well as gain a basic understanding of music theory. For more information and excerpts from the book, click on the Chord, Scale, and Modes Lessons link above.